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Jiangsu Hongbo Stage Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. integrates design, production, and construction, and can design and produce products according to customer needs. The most commonly used technical software is AutoCAD, which is an automatic computer-aided design software used for 2D drawing, detailed drawing, design documents, and basic 3D design. 
(1)It has complete graphic drawing functions.
(2) It has powerful graphic editing functions.
(3)Multiple methods can be used for secondary development or user customization.
(4)It can convert multiple graphic formats and has strong data exchange capabilities.
(5)Support multiple hardware devices.
(6)Support multiple operating platforms
(7)It has universality and ease of use.

Solidworks software is powerful with a wide range of components. Solidworks has three major characteristics: powerful functionality, easy to learn and use, and technological innovation. It is currently a leading and mainstream 3D CAD solution that can provide different design solutions, reduce errors in the design process, and improve product quality. It is easy to operate, easy to learn and use, and can visually present the product form, helping designers and customers better understand the designed product.

CNC machine tools automatically process the machined parts according to a pre programmed machining program.
· High machining accuracy and stable machining quality;
· Can perform multi coordinate linkage and process parts with complex shapes;
· When changing the machining parts, it is generally only necessary to change the CNC program, which can save production preparation time;
· The machine tool itself has high accuracy and rigidity, and can choose favorable processing quantities, resulting in high productivity (generally 3-5 times that of ordinary machine tools);
· High degree of machine tool automation can reduce labor intensity;

CNC milling machine is a type of CNC machine tool with strong processing functions.
1. Strong adaptability and good flexibility in part processing
2. Can process parts that cannot be processed by ordinary machine tools or are difficult to process
3. Parts that require multiple processing steps after a single clamping and positioning process;
4. High machining accuracy, stable and reliable machining quality,
5. High degree of production automation;
6. High production efficiency.

Hongbo Company is one of the earliest professional companies in China engaged in stage machinery design, manufacturing, and installation.

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